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Benson Maisori, the deputy commissioner for Lamu County, said he visited Hindi on Sunday and said the death toll from that attack was 12. He said both attacks happened after nightfall and in Hindi about 15 gunmen stormed into town, shooting into shops and setting fire to at least one house. Witnesses told him that the attackers were targeting Christian men, as they did in last month’s attack in the town of Mpeketoni. Analysts and some officials say the attacks suggest militants are exploiting ethnic tensions to further destabilize Kenya.

Officials offered few details about the most recent assaults. Police reported gunfire on Saturday evening and Kenya’s Red Cross said only that it had responded to fighting in the area without providing specifics.

Sin embargo, Márquez advierte que “específicamente en Finanzas, tanto en la industria de servicios financieros como en el área de finanzas de los demás sectores, se entiende porque hay escasez de talentos calificados que calcen con el perfil demandado por las empresas”.

The medium’s cultural impact has diminished considerably in the past 20 years. Fewer voices, limited playlists and the Internet’s growing influence, especially among the coveted younger demographic, means DJs like Worden may be the last of their kind.

Scattered around the two-story home are photos of his three children – two of whom are grown – and pieces of his own art. Worden likes to take old guitars and alter the bodies into interesting, colorful shapes.

Ratings have always been something of a devil’s agreement between TV and radio programmers and the advertisers they woo. Both sides realize the numbers are not reality but agree to live with the results.

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b olsa

“Bolsa Chica is in Huntington Beach, and that’s where all the activists and naturalists and environmentalists that are concerned about Bolsa Chica reside,” he said. “It just seems that it would be an opportunity to make sure they have the kind of control over the area that would benefit (the community).”

Each time Joe Vandrovec touches his toes in the water, he makes sure to do the “stingray shuffle,” quickly moving his feet on the ocean floor in small steps to try to scare off the creatures lurking on the ocean’s floor.

“What we hope to do is build a new center for coastal ecology, which is an education and restoration center that would be deemed as a regional hub for environmental and science-based education, as well as restoration efforts,” said Grace Adams, conservancy executive director.

Stingrays are commonly found in the shallow coastal waters of temperate seas. They spend the majority of their time inactive, partially buried in sand, often moving only with the sway of the tide. The stingray’s color camouflages it from predatory sharks and larger rays. Their flattened bodies are made up of pectoral fins joined to their head and a trunk with a tail trailing behind.

“I was stung last August at Bolsa along with dozens of people. At least 20 people of all ages soaking their feet in hot water by the lifeguard station,” he recalled. “I passed out and when I woke up there were emergency crews surrounding me. I have been surfing at this beach for more than 30 years and this is the first time that I have been stung.”

City officials are in talks with the county to annex 1,500 acres of the area, including 1,300 acres of the ecological reserve and 200 acres of privately owned land. The city has plans for a 114-acre regional park for the area, but officials say they want more of a financial commitment from the county before they agree to the annexation.

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marketing y finanzas

At issue are regulations set to come into full force Saturday that require meat processors to list details including the countries in which livestock were born, raised and slaughtered. The U.S. Department of Agriculture issued the new rules this past spring to update previous country-of-origin regulations that the World Trade…

Big U.S. meatpackers are appealing to Congress in a last-ditch effort to stave off new federal labeling rules that require more information about the origins of beef, pork and other meats.

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. and the Justice Department agreed to a landmark $13 billion settlement that resolves a number of legal headaches for the largest U.S. bank and ends months of wrangling between the government and the nation’s largest bank by assets.

LONDON—Unilever PLC is launching a companywide social-media marketing campaign, a shift away from promoting individual brands in a single country and part of a push by the company to boost its profile among consumers and investors.

While Unilever makes familiar brands such as Dove soap, Hellman’s mayo, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and Axe deodorant, its corporate identity is less recognizable, a fate suffered by many consumer-goods…

The U.K.’s biggest free-to-air commercial broadcaster, which shows music competition “The X Factor” and British period drama “Downton Abbey,” said revenue in the period rose 6% to £1.66 billion ($2.67…



Ancelotti wants to be sure that he doesn’t place Varane, or any of the others returning from injury, at risk, so if there is even the smallest doubt in his mind, he won’t play the Frenchman. Another possibility is that he could be involved in the full preparations for the match but then not be included in the match-day squad, as happened with Illaramendi against Athletic. The decision was eventually taken not to include Asier, but he was still involved in the full warm up for the game.

“Being contacted by Real Madrid is something that only happens once in a lifetime. It’s a very, very big club. It has always been my dream. It’s amazing and now it’s great to be here”, added Bale, who believes he has made the move of his life.

If Casillas does suffer from one weakness then it is indeed on high balls and Galatasaray can boast not one but two giants in Didier Drogba (1 metre 89) and Burak Yilmaz (1 metre 88) who will make it difficult for the central defenders with every ball that is launched into the air.

That figure makes the Portuguese international top of a list of stars in which he is followed by Leo Messi (Bara, 16 million), Neymar (Bara, 15), Ibrahimovic (PSG, 14.5), Falcao (Monaco, 14), Rooney (United, 13.8), Agero (City, 13.5), Yaya Tour (City, 13), Thiago Silva (PSG, 12) and Gareth Bale (Real Madrid, 11).

On top of those figures it is worth noting the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo is the most expensive player of all time due to the 96 million Real Madrid paid Manchester United for his signature, although Tottenham claims to have received more for Gareth Bale.

On Sunday he went through a tough session specifically designed by the veteran goalkeeping coach Villiam Vecchi, with the Champions League tie in mind. For almost the whole hour all four Real Madrid goalkeepers worked on their aerial game, defending crosses from all angles at both short range and long distance.

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link finanzas

Third, the focus must now return to Iran. Concern with Iran’s growing power is the thread that unites Israel and Saudi Arabia. Developing and moving on an Iran strategy that both Saudis and Israelis can support will help President Obama rebuild America’s position in the shifting sands. That is likely to mean a much tougher policy on Syria. Drawing red lines in the sand and stepping back when they are crossed won’t rebuild confidence.

In recent days, the Pentagon has moved more warships into place in the eastern Mediterranean and U.S. war planners have updated military options that include cruise-missile strikes on regime targets, officials said. The White House held high-level meetings over the weekend, but officials said late Sunday that Mr. Obama had yet to decide how to proceed.

Administration lawyers have been crafting legal justifications for an intervention without U.N. approval that could be based on findings that Mr. Assad used chemical weapons and created a major humanitarian crisis.

If he decides to act militarily, Mr. Obama would prefer to do so with U.N. Security Council backing, but officials said he could decide to work instead with international partners such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or the Arab League.

“At this juncture, the belated decision by the regime to grant access to the U.N. team is too late to be credible, including because the evidence available has been significantly corrupted as a result of the regime’s persistent shelling and other intentional actions over the last five days,” the official added.

Second, the struggle against terror is going to be harder than we hoped. Our enemies have scattered and multiplied, and the violent jihadi current has renewed its appeal. In the Arab world, in parts of Africa, in Europe and in the U.S., a constellation of revitalized and inventive movements now seeks to wreak havoc. It is delusional to believe that we can eliminate this problem by eliminating poverty, underdevelopment, dictatorship or any other “root causes” of the problem; we cannot eliminate them in a policy-relevant time frame. An ugly fight lies ahead. Instead of minimizing the terror threat in hopes of calming the public, the president must prepare public opinion for a long-term struggle.